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My programming languages and projects

How do I make a guest book or other CGI programs?
I prefer using Delphi for all sorts of Web programming.  Delphi is capable of the Delphi (Object Pascal syntax), C++, C#, Java ..

I also use MS Visual Studio, mainly for programming Windows CE units, like mobile phones and other compact devices.

Delphi is  a RAD (Rapid Development) Tool, and produces a lot of code automatically, which is a great help.  But you still have to program manually, things like algorithms to solve a problem, database management (like listing etc).

Here's a basic example on how to make a program to add two integer number, and present the sum in an edit box:

  FirstNumber, SecondNumber, Sum: Integer;

  FirstNumber:= 11;
  SecondNumber:= 12;
  Sum:= FirstNumber + SecondNumber;
  EditBox1.Text:= IntToStr (Sum);

To interpret this program, the program thinks like this:

  1. Let the value of the variable FirstNumber be 11.
  2. Let the value of the variable SecondNumber be 12.
  3. Add these two values, and put the result in the variable Sum.
  4. Output the value as a text string in the Editbox1

Programming is really a tedious task, a professional program may consist of several thousands of program code.