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Computers and Programming

Amateur Radio
Antenna (1)

Antenna (2)
(norwegian text)

Antenna (2) English text

W-8010 Dipole trimming PC Program

Download MiniVNA bug fix

MiniVNA antenna analyzer program

CB antenna as a radio amateur antenna

Solarcon IMAX-2000 review

New: RadioAlphabet a phonetic alphabet "spelling" program (FREE!)

New: TellStick Programming

Contact info (QSL and SWL)


Amateur Radio (ham radio)

MiniVNA Program Comport fix

Making a battery-free MFJ-299 desktop microphone

MiniVNA antenna program

A CB antenna as an all-round radio amateur antenna

Download Windows Decibel calculator

Decibel Calculator (online)

MFT-1785 multiband rotatable dipole


Computers and Programming

Upgrading Acronis True Image


My programming languages and projects

A Chatter bot (be amazed !)


Computers and Ham Radio

AlfaSpid rotator and controller program

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