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19 Oct 2019 1545 GMT

Solar flux: 65
A-Index: 6
K-Index: 0
Sunspots: 0

Day 80-40 m: Good
Day 30-20 m: Poor
Day: 17-15 m: Poor
Day: 12-10 m: Poor
Night 80-40 m: Good
Night: 30-20 m: Poor
Night: 17-15 m: Poor
Night: 12-10 m: Poor

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© LA1SSA Tore Aasli 2009


Radio shack

This is the radio shack corner of my library.

All my 4 transceivers are Yaesu, an FT-950, an FT-897D and two FT-8800 for VHF/UHF (a an FTM-350 in my car).

My PC is situated in the left lower corner of the picture. It's a midi-tower 2 processor CPU, with a 19" LCD monitor, configured mostly for ham work. I use Ham Radio Deluxe for rig control, and MixW for working PSK.

The desk is a bit messy at this moment since I was making a couple of coax patch cables as the picture was taken.

The desk itself is a relic / vintage office desk from the 1950's or 1960's.


On the desk


Brand and Model
Tuner (Auto tuner) AT-100 Pro Auto tuner
SWR / Wattmeter Nissei RX-103 cross-needle SWR / Watt meter
Loudspeakers (external) for transceivers Creative modified PC speakers connected to each HF transceivers, self-powered with volume, treble and bass
Transceiver 1 Yaesu FT-950, 100 W
Transceiver 2 Yaesu FT-897D, 100 W
Transceiver 3 Yaesu FT-8800, VHF / UHF, 50 W
Transceiver 4 FTM-350 50 W in-car with a detached front mounted between the seats and the radio concealed under the driver's seat
Antenna 1

20-meter dipole, home brewed
How to make a dipole resonant
Norsk tekst: Hvordan tune en dipol

Antenna 2

5.9-meter vertical 1/2 wave, "all-band"
This antenna is for my outback use but at the moment installed outside my home, and it needs tuning for working properly

Antenna 3 Diamond W-8010 10/15/20/40/80m (trapped horizontal dipole)
Antenna analyzer 1 MiniVNA analyzer with my own developed windows analyzer program
Antenna analyzer 2 MFJ-259B (mostly for mobile operation)
Soldering station Biltema, temperature controlled
PSK / digimode Interface RigExpert Standard transceiver I/F
Switchbox DB-25 switchbox connected to each HF transceiver, connected to RigExpert, brand unknown, 25 years old
FT-meter LDG FT-meter connected to FT-897D
Antenna Switch Two Daiwa CS-201 2.5 KW PEP 0-600 MHz
Headphones Yamaha (w/o microphone)
Field Strength meter Unknown brand, 25 years old
Microphone, desktop MFJ-299 w/ separate power supply

Power Amplifier

AL-80BXCE is the export model of Ameritrons AL-80B, that includes the European bands. Up to 1 kW output. The dealer also supplied an ALC cable to connect this LA to my FT-950.

Dummy loads One 50 W, and one 500 W, unknown brands, 25 years old
Power supply 1 SPA-8230, 25 A, 13,8 V switching PS (very quiet!)
Power supply 2 SPA 8400, 40 A, 13,8 V switching PS (produces some fan noise though, sigh..)
Power supply 3 EP-907 variable voltage 3-17 V, 7 A for supplying power to meter lights etc.

... and the usual stuff and tools of the trade, cables, connectors, baluns etc.





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