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Fix registry entry


Here you can download a free PC program to easlily fix the comport problem with MiniVNA ZPlots+.

It seems that this program "out-of-the-box" doesn't work on 64-bits Windows 7. If you have solved this issue, please let us know!


Download the program to a folder of your choice.


Start the Program. A warning message will appear, see image 1 to the left. Click OK to continue or Cancel to Quit.

A small window will appear next, showing the setting of the (in)famous Compatibilty flag, 1024 decimal (400 hex) on Win-XP and Vista.

Click on the button "Change now", and the Compatibilty flag should change from 1024 to 0 (zero) - (x400 to 0).
If you wish to verify this, run the program once more for a visual control, then close the program (the left image).



This program is subject to modification. If you like to say "Thank you" for the program, or want to join the program "update list", just send an email to to me.

If you consider an improvement on this program, feel free to email your ideas to me, or in the forum:

I have set up a brand new ham radio forum (, feel welcome to post there. The forum is partly in Norwegian but there an International section where you can submit your postings. Any Ham post is welcome! I will make subforums according to needs. The forum interface can be set to "English" during registration.

Due to Eastern European spammers, your first post will be put on hold until approved. Sorry for the inconvenience. This hold queue is checked all the time, except during nights.

Hope to meet you all there!

(RadioPrat is a Norwegian word for RadioTalk, btw)