Acronis Install Problem

Making periodic backups is essential when it comes to maintaining your valuable data, programs and PC configuration.

Acronis True Image (ATI) is one of the better backup programs, with a lot of features.

I had a 2009 version of ATI on my PC, and upgraded to the 2010 version. But not without problems, which I think was related to the Acronis Archive Backup Explorer, which is a device driver.

Installing over an existing old version

Installing ATI 2010 over ATI 2009 should work, but in my case the installation program rolled back at the end of the installation procedure, saying :

"The installation was interrupted before Acronis True Image Home could be installed. You need to restart the installer again."

Uninstalling the ATI 2009 version

So, then I uninstalled ATI 2009, using Revo Uninstaller, which is a nice program to remove leftover registry entries and leftover files after an ordinary built-in uninstall.

Still, the above mentioned Acronis Archive Backup Explorer device was not removed. This was removed manually by me.

Restarting the PC yielded a massive blue screen with a memory error message (memory was overwritten etc.). The way out of this deadlock was to start Windows (XP) with the latest working settings.

Fresh install of ATI 2010

Next I tried to reinstall ATI 2010, but the same misery happened all over again, at the end of the installation process the install program rolled back again.

Running Acronis Cleanup fixed the install problem

Reseaching this issue on Internet gave no result. That was when luck stroke: Acronis has a Acronis CleanUp program, which I downloaded an ran according to the program's instructions. This cleanup program does a lot more than Revo Uninstaller, it removes everything Acronis Uninstall leftovers: files, registry entries, driver and all.

After this procedure, installing ATI 2010 went like a charm, and now my valuable programs and data are once again "in safe hands". I run an automatic (scheduled) backup every 2 days.

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